22 Hilarious #NetflixPHShows That Should Actually Exist

    Let's crowd-fund That Thing Called Tadhannah Montana.

    So Netflix is now officially available to stream in the Philippines, and everyone on the Pinoy internet went wild.

    Of course, they created a new hashtag game: #NetflixPHShows — let's take a look:

    1. This award-winning show.

    2. This so-bad-it's-good satire.

    3. This intrepid brand of citizen journalism.

    4. This show about a no-nonsense hero.

    5. This family program.

    6. And this one that has the best of both worlds.

    7. This classic adaptation.

    8. This ground-breaking teleserye.

    9. This inclusive production. Chos.

    10. This superhero series we all need.

    11. This important and popular foreign import.

    12. Dis most important shows.

    13. This very serious news hour: Kapuso Mo, Jessica Jones.

    14. This long-running series.

    15. This feel-good show.

    16. And this spin-off of a feel-good show.

    17. This intense thriller.

    18. This indie rom-com.

    19. This incredibly relatable comedy.

    20. This reality show with a face-changing host.

    21. This movie, which is probably your brother's favorite.

    22. And this show without reservations.