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56 Totally Wearable Harry Potter-Themed Accessories

For those occasions when a gold-plated Time-Turner is just too much.

Matt Ortile

For the Hogwarts student:

1. Hogwarts House Class Rings, $15 each

Get one (or all four) here.

2. Knitted House Scarves, $18 each

Buy here.

3. House Aluminum Rings, $11.95

For something a little more minimalist.

4. Black Chrome Pocket Watch, $10.99

More functional than a Time-Turner.

5. Gryffindor Wrist Warmers, $12.99

Available here.

6. House Banner Friendship Bracelet, $10 each

Buy one here.

7. Hogwarts Crest Pendant, $11.70

Class of 1997, REPRESENT.

8. Sterling Silver Hogwarts Class Ring, $58

Cheaper than a real class ring.

9. Hogwarts Crest Silhouette Pendant, $10.50

Get it here.

For the Quidditch fan:

10. Golden Snitch Earrings, $4.10

Snatch them here.

11. Golden Snitch Chained Bracelet And Ring, $4.99

12. Golden Snitch Bracelet, $7.00

Super cute. 150 points, guys.

13. Broomstick Pendant, $35.00

Caution: do not ride.

14. Topaz Snitch Ring In Sterling Silver

Engagement material, perfect if your wedding announcement is in The Daily Prophet.

For the booze — uh, potions master:

15. Polyjuice Potion Flask, $20

One sip and you transform into a drunk biddy.

16. Felix Felicis Flask, $19.99

We're up all night to get lucky*~*~

17. Polyjuice Flask With Real Wood, $22.50

Vintage, so adorable.

18. Laser-Engraved Deathly Hallows Flask, $20

The fourth Hallow: The Flask of Insobriety.

19. For the Muggle-born techie:

20. Deathly Hallows Wood Pattern Galaxy S4 Case, $11.99

The Galaxy kids need love too.

21. Platform 9 3/4 Ticket Phone Case, $24

Get your ticket here.

22. Leather Deathly Hallows Phone Case, $15.98

"Siri, where is the nearest Horcrux?"

23. Harry Potter iPhone Case, $1

Available here.

For the Death Eater:

24. Dark Mark Bracelet, $1.99

if you're not ready for the tattoo just yet.

25. Dark Mark Ring, $15

Get it here.

26. Dark Mark Necklace, $4

Available here.

27. Dark Mark Locket, $17

Buy it here.

For the Deathly Hallows believer:

28. Resurrection Stone Ring, $29

Can't promise revival of the dead, but makes for a great cocktail ring!

29. Deathly Hallows Canvas Field Bag, $25

Perfect for hunting Horcruxes.

30. Deathly Hallows Rope Bracelet, $1.40

Buy it here.

31. Deathly Hallows Key Ring, $5

Available here.

32. Deathly Hallows Pocket Watch, $4.10

Get it here.

33. Deathly Hallows Earrings, $2.80

Eat your heart out, Xenophilius Lovegood.

34. Deathly Hallows Swiss Military Satchel, $56

35. Deathly Hallows Leather Cuff, $5.99

Buy it here.

36. Deathly Hallows Cedit Card Holder, $16

To hold the most powerful credit cards in the world.

37. Deathly Hallows Ring, $5

Get it here.

For the spellmasters:

38. Expecto Patronum Ring, $10

This Patronus ring might just be as good as the real thing.

39. Expecto Patronum Cufflinks, $15.75

To ward off Dementors at the next wedding you attend.

40. Alohomora Necklace, $18

Buy it here.

41. Accio Keychain, $6.50

Summoning your keys has never been easier.

42. Wingardium Leviosa Necklace, $40

Available here.

43. Winged Key Earrings, $12

10/10 would wear, HP fan or not.

44. Lumos/Nox Set Rings, $21.95

Buy them here.

For the young Marauders:

45. Mischief Managed Keychain, $12

Get it? 'Cause you come home and you take out your keys and you're like "I got shit done!"

46. Dumbledore's Army Pendant, $15

Join the Army here.

47. "I Solemnly Swear" Necklace, $14.99

Get it here.

48. Padfoot Necklace, $18

Available here.

For the Potterheads*:

*Get it? 'Cause the lightning is Harry's scar hehehe.

49. Lightning Bolt Stud Earrings, $12

Available here.

50. Scar And Glasses Ring With Birthstone, $29

You can pick your birthstone to go with the ring!

51. Lightning Bolt Scar Ear Cuff, $8

Subtle, effective.

52. Harry Potter Ring, $5

What a classic.

53. Scar And Glasses Necklace, $6

Get it here.

54. Lightning Bolt Earrings And Necklace Set, $7.87

Sport a temporary scar in gold.

55. Scar and Glasses Ring, $8

For ultimate minimalism.

And for the one who wants a little bit of everything:


Best worn as a statement piece.