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    For Pope Francis's Philippine Visit, The Police Will Wear Diapers

    Manila's traffic police will do away with potty breaks to honor the Pope round the clock.

    Pope Francis will visit the Philippines and hold a mass at Rizal Park in Manila on Jan. 18. Naturally, a good chunk of the predominantly-Roman Catholic country will be turning up.

    Tiziana Fabi / Via AFP / Getty Images

    Here's the Pope with Filipino cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, blessing the new image of Holy Pedro Calungsod of Philippines.

    But much of the Philippines, and especially the capital, is plagued by terrible traffic jams at all hours of the day. They're even worse on public and religious holidays.

    Jay Directo / Via AFP / Getty Images

    Give me SLEX or give me death, honestly.

    Fortunately, public authorities found a solution that will offer continued comfort during the hectic ebb and flow* of Filipinos wishing to see his Holiness.

    Jay Directo / Via AFP / Getty Images


    Traffic enforcers of the Metro Manila Development Authority received adult diapers to wear on the job during the Pope's visit, when they'll be expected to control crowds of millions in the streets.

    Jay Directo / Via AFP / Getty Images

    The roughly 2,000 officers to whom the diapers were issued took the news well, said MMDA chairman Francis Tolentino.

    He also encouraged other millions of citizen attendees to wear similar undies, saying, "If you attend an event that will last for 24 hours, you cannot go around looking for a [portable toilet.]"

    It was unclear, at press time, if this new accessory will highlight or diminish Filipino traffic cops' on-duty dancing abilities.

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    H/t HuffPo Religion.

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