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This Ballet Dancer's Instagram Is God's Gift To Humanity

God bless you, Roberto Bolle. God bless the male body and also tights.

Yes, hi, hello. Have you met Roberto Bolle?

He's a principal dancer at the American Ballet Theatre.

And, you know, looks like this.

Roberto's Instagram account is a treasure trove of photos and videos, especially if you love ballet.

Or if you've never danced an inch in your life, which is, you know, fine.

Regardless, everyone loves him.

Especially his partners. I mean, like, she gets paid to do this, where do I sign up.

Roberto's a gorgeous dancer no matter what he's wearing: be it white tights.

Or just jeans.

Or even a skirt.

Roberto continues to stun even offstage.

Literally Bae-watch.

Furthermore, Roberto's selfie game is incredibly strong.

Like, who else can pull off that mirror-butt-view thirst trap?

Or a casual legs-up-in-tights-on-a-grand-piano selfie???


Ugh, thank you, you handsome nerd.

Roberto Bolle, everyone.

Thank you, beautiful ballerino, for all that you do.

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