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This Policeman Was Crowned Mister International 2014 And He's Stupidly Hot

And here's a look through the crown-holder's Instagram to prove it.

Behold, mortals, this year's Mister International: Neil Perez.

Hailing from the Philippines, Neil was crowned on February 14 in Ansan, Korea.

Before ascending to the crown, Neil belonged to the Philippine National Police’s Aviation Security Group as a bomb and explosives technician.

Since his victory, Neil has been busy with his Mister International duties, making press stops nearly everywhere in the Philippines and in Asia.

Facebook: OfficialMisterInternational

But according to his Instagram, he's still got plenty of time to kick back.

To relax.

And to have fun.

For more, visit his Instagram. Be prepared with a tall glass of water.

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