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Pandas Are The Most Magical Creatures Ever

Their blood is medicine, their poop is made into tea, AND they're adorable.

This is a panda. Say hello!

It's a magical creature that roams the forests of China.

Flickr: somesay

It's just the right combination of majestic and adorbs.

Pandas are like casually committed vegans.

They're genetically carnivores and eat some meat, but 99% of their diet is bamboo.

Their unique coloring is used for mating purposes.

Since pandas have bad eyesight, some scientists believe pandas need their black and white fur to spot each other in bamboo forests to meet and mate.

As such, they've become the chillest of bears.

But they're also the most magical.

According to a recent study, panda blood might be the key to treating drug-resistant superbugs in humans.


Pandas are so magical, tea is made out of their poop.

A green-tea-and-panda excrement brew sells for about $200 a cup. The Chicago Tribune called the tea "fragrant and smooth." Sign me up just kidding don't.

Unfortunately, they're as rare as they are magical.

Pandas are an endangered species.

There are less than 1,600 pandas in the wild threatened by hunting and habitat loss. And there are less than 300 pandas in zoos all over the world.

Their low birthrate makes increasing their population difficult.

I mean, fair enough.

Which is a shame because they're SO CUTE.

They never stop eating.

And they never stop playing.

Even when they take a tumble.

And adorably so.

They're more graceful than cats.

And even cats wanna be pandas.

And your lil dogs too.

Which makes pandas your new spirit animal.

Long live pandas.

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