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    Oprah Is Giving Us RuPaul Realness In "O Magazine"

    Proving that these two are soul sisters at heart and in hair.

    Today in Instagram news, Oprah unveiled the latest cover for O, The Oprah Magazine.

    And can we just say: GIRL LOOKS FIERCE.

    But all great works of art must borrow from other great works of art.

    I see what you did there, O.

    Oprah clearly took some hair tips from her soul sister, Miss RuPaul.


    And it's hardly the first time Oprah's taken a page from RuPaul's book.

    Working the Botticelli-esque manes here, ladies.

    Or has RuPaul been taking cues from Oprah?!

    And the tighter curls here are sickening!

    Either way, these two soul sisters are at their best even at their worst. Look at those halo-fros!


    Which is why the two of them need to share a stage IMMEDIATELY.

    If it was still on the air, we could have seen Ru on Oprah's talk show at one point.

    No T, no shade? All T, all shade.

    So maybe Oprah could guest judge on the next season of Drag Race?

    "YOU get an Absolut cocktail! And YOU get an Absolut cocktail! EVERYBODY GETS COCKTAILS!"

    Well, we may never know which came first: the O or the Ru.

    But rest assured, their fabulousness will stick around for years to come.

    Shantay, you both stay.

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