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Olivia Palermo's Husband Johannes Huebl Is So Good-Looking It Hurts

It's like staring directly into the sun.

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But her most important accessory was her groom, German-born model and photographer Johannes Huebl.

They met in 2008 through mutual friends at a movie screening in New York because isn't that always the way.

After all, he's a model, and a model that looks like this.

And his street style is inhumanely stellar.

He can work casual Friday to death.

But when he does wear clothes, he pays attention to the fine details of suiting.

Here he is, strutting around New York City and working his best angles. (Spoiler: all his angles are his best angles.)

Watching him get dressed is a spiritual experience.

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A daily gift with which Olivia Huebl née Palermo has been blessed.

They make you believe in love and FaceTime again.

So many congratulations to the Palermo-Huebl family. I expect at least two adorable, well-dressed toddlers from you in the future.

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