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    "Minsan Ikaw" Memes Get Typography Treatment, Remain Hilarious

    Malabo: Minsan mata. Minsan ikaw.

    The "Minsan Ikaw" humor meme has been trending on Pinoy Twitter for a while now and it's still comedy gold.

    "Not available" Minsan webpage, MADALAS IKAW.

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    "Not available"

    Minsan webpage, MADALAS IKAW.

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    And this photo album by Gio Miniano popped up on Facebook, filled with the best of the "Minsan Ikaw" meme with a slick stock photo-and-typography treatment.

    Gio Miniano / Via Facebook: GIOmet3

    And the jokes are as funny as ever.

    ABS-CBN / Via

    Go through Gio's album for more, and check out "Minsan Ikaw" on Twitter.

    H/t Ryan.

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