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21 Pokémon Being Publicly Shamed By Their Trainers

#PokéShaming is a thing that is happening on Tumblr and it's just as wonderful as you'd expect.

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1. This Arcanine who couldn't help itself.

2. This potty-trained Espeon.

3. This Lickitung who only did what was natural.

4. This Jigglypuff who stayed true to form.

5. This Sableye who isn't fed enough.

6. This Tyranitar who couldn't contain its abilities.

7. This Registeel who is probably holding its trainer hostage.

8. This Gyarados who's had one too many spicy Poffins.

9. This Gardevoir who was warned about Rule 34.

10. This well-meaning Giratina.

11. This Garbodor who is staying true to itself.

12. This Croconaw who was only trying to help.

13. This Groudon and this Kyogre who were fulfilling their destinies.

14. This Mega Swampert who's spending too much time at the Pokémon Gym.

15. This Gible who has nothing better to do.

16. This Entei who was only taking direction from the movie director.

17. This Dratini who was trying to ward off illness.

18. This Growlithe who just can't hold it in.

19. This Darkrai who's painfully self-aware.

20. And this Yveltal who's like, "same."

21. This Magikarp who did nothing.

But then there was this trainer who absolutely deserved it.

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