21 Annoying Comments Filipinos Are Tired Of Hearing

Hay nako.

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2. "That's weird. I couldn't tell what kind of Asian you are."

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How you want to respond: I didn't know my ethnicity was part of a guessing game. Do you get tact and social skills if you win?

4. "Wait... no, you're definitely more Chinese/Japanese/Thai/etc."

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How you want to respond: Are you choosing my identity for me, or are you deciding what you're having for dinner tonight?

7. "If you're Asian, why do you have a Spanish-sounding name?"

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How you want to respond: Would you like me to give you a lecture on colonialism and the Spanish diaspora, or...?

9. "I know someone Filipino! Do you know [name here]?"

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How you want to respond: It's a country of 100 million people with 13 million more abroad and you think I know your childhood neighbor who once cooked your family pansit?

10. "Yeah, she's a nurse. Are you a nurse too?"

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How you want to respond: Yes, by the Transitive Property of the Philippines (TPP), I too am a registered nurse — and doctor, lawyer, artist, engineer, scientist, academic, and also shoemaker.

19. "So your family there, do they live in the mountains? Or like, in trees?"

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How you want to respond: Yeah, our country estate is right on a cliff and I had a treehouse in my backyard.