Corgis During College Admissions Season

These corgis are going to college! "YOU GUYS I GOT INTO MY TOP SCHOOL! #IvyLeague #Barkmouth2017"

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Except for this guy, who applied early decision and found out in December.


"Senior year? More like senior beer, am I right?" To be fair, Mark had technically been at Middlebury for four months now.

But is everyone ready for that next big step?


"I don't think I can handle a long-distance thing right now, Ryan. I'm sorry. I'm going to Cornell and I just want me to be able to do me, you know?"

Can everyone handle the changes?

"I feel like it's a new set of rules and like a new environment and I think I'm like scared I won't be able to like handle it. It's just like, why does NYU have to be in New York City?"