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    39 Smiling Corgis Who'll Inspire You To Live Your Best Life

    Happy #TongueOutTuesday!

    1. This dude who can bring a fresh perspective to old material.

    2. This corgi who is slaying this glamour shot session.

    3. And this one who isn't afraid to get up-close and personal.

    4. This pup who isn't afraid to look through the archive for a killer #tbt.

    5. This dapper dude who loves every chance to dress up.

    6. This birthday boy who won't mind if you ask the waiters to sing to him at the restaurant.

    7. This cutie who knows cleanliness is next to corgliness.

    8. This corgi who isn't afraid to be confused and ask the right questions.

    9. This one who'll devour her kale salad after this five-mile hike.

    10. This guy who's been derping out all day and taking it easy.

    11. This model corgi who knows how to work her lighting and angles.

    12. This guy who knows it's all about service with a smile.

    13. This puppy who's on the boardwalk and will be having some fun.

    14. This guy who knows that, sometime, you just have to dig in and get your paws dirty.

    15. This beautiful corgi who takes pride in her birthmarks but won't let them define who she is.

    16. This doggie who's always down to seize the day (or the stick).

    17. This guy who lets the derp free while basking in a tickle attack.

    18. This corgi who's all, "Heeeeere's JOHNNY!" but, like, cute.

    19. This dude who's proud of his bodacious booty.

    20. This pup who loves all the imported gifts from her family and relatives.

    21. This corgi who's always super stoked for her next meal.

    22. These corgis who promise to look up to you and after one another.

    23. And this one who lovingly looks up to her older sib.

    24. This corgi who is so grateful for the new Subaru from his parents.

    25. This slugger who's the sportiest of them all.

    26. This pup who lives for long walks in the park.

    27. This pup who loves being kept on track as a leash baby.

    28. And this one who'd rather be chauffeured via carriage.

    29. This pup who knows to a burger once in a while is a deserved indulgence.

    30. This prince who has checked his privilege but can still be proud of his heritage.

    31. This guy who gets all the compliments and treats at the dog park.

    32. This corgi who isn't afraid to do the tourist-y things.

    33. This corgster who's ready to take this roadster for a spin.

    34. This puppy who's enjoying her summer by the pool.

    35. This dog who's trying to get her minimum eight hours of beauty sleep.

    36. And this puppy who enjoys kicking back and letting others take the wheel.

    37. This corgi who always stops to smell the roses.

    38. Or even the dandelions.

    39. And this patriot who lives for freedom 24/7.