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    BuzzFeed Philippines Is Looking For A Filipino-American Freelancer!

    Come apply!

    BuzzFeed Philippines is looking for a Filipino-American freelancer to work with us in the month of April!

    Twitter: @ortile

    And maybe even May, June, July...

    We have one (1) freelancer spot open and it could be yours!


    This spot will go to a Filipino-American writer who is obsessed with the things Filipino-Americans are reading/watching, sharing, and talking about on the internet. They’ll be a funny, creative, and intelligent writer who is fluent in both English and is based in the United States. Any Tagalog skills will be a plus, but not necessary, as would any experience in our BuzzFeed Community.

    Again, this is a freelance position and will be compensated per each piece of content created (not a salaried position, no benefits).

    Interested? Here's how you apply:


    Create an account at and write two or more posts/drafts that show off your writing skills (no essays). We want to see how well you understand the BuzzFeed Philippines voice and style. Check out the BFPH Facebook to see what kinds of things perform the best on the site.

    When you have your sample drafts/posts, email them to BFPH's editor Matt Ortile at

    Facebook: RealKrisAquino

    Be sure to include a cover letter describing your experience and what you can bring to BFPH! Also, you can send links to your social media accounts, a resume/CV, and any writing portfolio you’d like Matt to review. He'll look over your materials and take it from there!

    Ready? Go! And good luck!

    Facebook: BuzzFeedPhilippines

    (You: Praying you get it.

    Me: Praying you get it!)