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How To Get A Standing Ovation At Fashion Week: Feature A Shirtless Male Ballet Dancer In Tights

Zang Toi's show was called "Ballet Babe," and that's exactly what happened.

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American Ballet Theater principal Cory Stearns opened the show pirouetting down the runway shirtless in really, really, really tight pants. OK, they're actually just tights.

Gillian Murphy and James Whiteside were there to support their fellow American Ballet Theater dancer Cory Stearns

.@JamesBruceWhite and I just saw @pcorys rock out his blue steel runway walk. #zangtoi #balletbabe

Gillian Murphy


.@JamesBruceWhite and I just saw @pcorys rock out his blue steel runway walk. #zangtoi #balletbabe

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Nick Gruber (Calvin Klein's ex, on the right) and New York Giants punter Steve Weatherford (the jacked dude on the left) thought they were the two best looking guys there. They were wrong.

But don't worry! Cory returned, even if he was wearing a coat this time.

Obligatory bulge shot (you're welcome).

And then Zang Toi himself walked the runway with Cory and somehow didn't dissolve into a puddle. He winked because his right eye was singed from the heat.

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