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  • Please Help Our Small Town Get Something Big!

    Twillingate is a small, rural community situated on an island off the Northeast coast of Newfoundland. Our physical location and size limits the programs and resources that are available to our community members. Despite our limitations, we are a ‘close knit’, proud community dedicated to improving our spaces, facilities and programs. We aim to provide our youth, seniors, disabled and indeed, all community members with services and opportunities to improve our quality of life. We currently have a small community pool that has been in use for 30 years. In these years there have been very few improvements/ upgrades made to the pool or facility. As it stands right now, our pool is 23’x45’x4’ and is used for only 2 months of the year to teach local children basic swimming lessons. Our pool is in desperate need of upgrades to better service all community members. The pool is not deep enough for youth to further their swimming training; it is not currently accessible for disabled people or seniors. The building housing the current community pool has great potential for a larger pool with modern facilities. Our vision is to dismantle the existing pool along with the existing change/washrooms. We hope to build a pool that would meet the needs of all community members. This pool would be wheelchair accessible, would have an integrated hydrotherapy area for seniors and physiotherapy and would be deep enough for all swimming levels. This new, modern facility could improve the lives of all 3000 community members as well as members of surrounding communities. Please help us to meet our goal so that we can improve our current facility, provide positive, health improving activities for our youth and improve the quality of life for all community members.

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