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20 Things NOT Caused By Hillary Clinton Or Barack Obama

Throughout the last few months of this insane run up to the 2016 United States Presidential Election, there have been many inaccurate statements made about both President Barack Obama and Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. In case you didn't know, Hillary Clinton is running for President, and has been accused of some pretty insane things. So let's set the record straight and give the definitive list of things for which neither Obama nor Clinton are responsible (either directly or indirectly).

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Wait... You're Starting to Sound Like a Tree-Hugging, Granola-Eating Liberal Communist.

Thanks! Compliment accepted. But since the Industrial Revolution, we've treated our world like it was a hotel room and we were rock stars. We're less than 30 generations away from making our planet totally uninhabitable for human beings. So you want to make America great again? How about making the PLANET great again.

But wait, there's more. Because neither Hillary Clinton nor Barack Obama can be blamed for:


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Let's not forget who wants to decrease the number of guns and limit unrestricted gun ownership rights in America... and who wants to increase the number of guns in America...

18. ISIS

Sorry, Mr Trump, but not even close. The roots of ISIS actually go back to the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003 and the subsequent emergence of al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI). This group was founded by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Zarqawi had spent time at jihadi training camps in Afghanistan during the 1990s, but was not part of the leadership of al-Qaeda and attempted to create his own separate organization. As a jordanian, he had a network of Jordanian, Syrian, Palestinian, Lebanese, and Iraqi jihadists. The war in Iraq provided Zarqawi a unique opportunity to lead other hardline Islamist fighters opposed to the U.S. involvement. The primary purpose of this organization was to remove the foreign occupation of Iraq, overthrow the new democratic government, and replace it with a radical Sunni Islamist regime run by al-Qaeda. AQI gained a particular reputation for their video-recorded hostage beheadings and their routine use of suicide bombers to strike soft targets.

Following the death of Zarqawi in a U.S. airstrike in 2006, the group declared the official formation of an “Islamic State of Iraq.” It was finally under the leadership of native Iraqis, including several who had held prior roles in the regime of Saddam Hussein. Five years later, when Syria descended into a sectarian civil war, the Islamic State quietly dispatched several top members to Sunni regions in Syria in order to form a local chapter inside the country under Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

In 2013, al-Baghdadi abruptly declared that all of it had been an ISIS all along and “now it is time to declare … the cancellation of the name ‘Islamic State of Iraq’ and the cancellation of the name ‘Jabhat al-Nusra’, and instead gathering them under a single name, the ‘Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.’”

According to a 2008 propaganda video released by the group, the purpose of ISIS is to serve as a “dagger in the American-Jewish plan for the region... The establishment of the Islamic State... is the gate through which the conquest of Jerusalem will be achieved and the filth of the Jewish thieves will be removed from the heart of the Islamic world.”

The grander vision for ISIS in founding such an Islamic State is to enforce an extreme, puritanical interpretation of Islamic law under a religiously-ordained regime. ISIS has specifically rejected democracy as a deviant Western ideology and has insisted that, because America and its allies would never accept the existence of such an “Islamic State”, “no Muslim can wish for the state of Islam to be established other than on top of skulls, savagery, and pure blood.”

Not sure where Barack Obama's role in founding this comes in, but, hey, what are facts, anyway?

The Choice Has Never Been Clearer

One candidate has substantive opinions on these issues, and solutions to limit, restrict or curb the decline of humanity as a result of the above issues.

The other candidate has no solutions for how to limit or fix the problems that the issues above are causing.

Good luck figuring out which is which.

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