These Pictures Show Just How Banjaxed Brits Like To Get On Holiday

Sun, sand, shots. WARNING: Some NSFW debauchery ahead.

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Photographer Peter Dench (the man behind "Raw And Eye-Opening Portraits Of Boozy England") has released another set of candid pictures, showing Brits abroad in all their glory and excess.

To photograph his carefree subjects, Dench went to San Antonio, Ibiza; Sunny Beach, Bulgaria; Ayia Napa, Cyprus; Porec, Croatia and Magaluf, Majorca.

"A British University Student on the inaugural ILOVETOUR to the town of Porec in Croatia. The tour organizes various sports and themed events and club nights." – Peter Dench

"An afternoon boat party for the many British seasonal bar workers and promoters in Ayia Napa, Cyprus. They are performing a dance to the 1979 funk anthem recorded by The Gap Band, Oops Up Side Your Head." – Peter Dench

"Students from Bangor University relax in the sun looking out across the Adriatic Sea. They are pert of a group of around 1000 British University Students on the inaugural ILOVETOUR to the town of Porec, Croatia." – Peter Dench

"Host, Georgie Harris from South London, announces 17 year old Laura from Glasgow, as the Party Hard bar crawl wet t-shirt competition winner. The compeition took place at the Bedrock Bar, Ayia Napa, Cyprus." – Peter Dench

"A young woman is administered some alcohol by Party Hard bar crawl staff at Ice Lounge, Ayia Napa, Cyprus." – Peter Dench

"A naked man holding his clothes in the sea at San Antonio beach, Ibiza. He arrived with friends late the previous evening on a Monarch Airlines flight from Manchester." – Peter Dench

"Derek, from Hull, who says he is a 'good person', doesn’t know the chunky man he is trying unsuccessfully to heave upright from the pavement. Derek is a self-confessed ‘wreck head’ and doesn’t like to leave people of any size passed out and alone on the pavement in case they get robbed." – Peter Dench

"Rob, a British man in his late 20's in Magaluf, Majorca on his stag party, kisses a participant in a wet t-shirt competition hosted at Mambo's Terrace." – Peter Dench

"A young British man clutches a packet of chips as the sun rises over the West End area of San Antonio, Ibiza." – Peter Dench

"British seasonal workers and tourists in Ayia Napa, Cyprus, by the outside pool, during an afternoon pool party at Club Aqua." – Peter Dench

"Invasion Angels, Robyn (left), 19, from Rotherham and Holly, 24, also from Rotherham, get ready for the evening. As Invasion Angels, they help manage tourists on Invasion holidays." – Peter Dench

"A man at the Disco Orange night club opening season party checks on the well being of 21 year old Lauren from Grantham." – Peter Dench

"An anti prostitution slogan painted on a wall near Magaluf beach." – Peter Dench

"Party Hard bar crawl staff deliver alcohol shots to willing participants at Ice Lounge, at the start of the event, Ayia Napa, Cyprus." – Peter Dench

(left) Peter Dench with his parents on his first flight and trip abroad to the party town of Magaluf, Majorca in 1986, and (right) enjoying a beverage.