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26 Delightful Pictures Of The London Underground In The '70s And '80s

Photographer Bob Mazzer has been documenting the London Underground for 40 years.

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I love taking photographs of people on the tube ... I say to them, 'You look fantastic, can I take your picture?' and they say, 'Yes.'
I think if you love people, they respond to that and find it perfectly natural to be photographed.
In all my time taking pictures on the tube, only one person ever objected … that was a guy with a huge teddy bear on his lap.
Mark Knopfler (of 'Dire Straits') was inspired by the shot above to write 'Walk of Life': "down in the tunnels trying to make it pay."
I feel compelled to take photographs on the tube now … I can't travel without a camera because I can't bear the thought I might miss something.
In the shot above, the driver kept the doors shut and was waiting for police to arrive after a ruckus on the train.
In the shot above, the man in the raincoat politely asked the man in braces to take his foot out of the door so the train could start. The man in braces got aggressive, not expecting raincoat man to be a tough cookie, he had to be pulled off the man in braces. I retreated to the next carriage to shoot in safety through the connecting door. The episode proves that obstructing the doors can indeed be dangerous.

See more of Bob Mazzer's London Underground photography on his Facebook page.


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