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16 Self-Portrait Paintings You Will Not Believe Aren't Photos

These may look like photos of the aftermath of a fight between a man and his paint box, but they’re actually jaw-dropping self-portrait paintings by Spanish hyperrealistic artist Eloy Morales.

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I never had painted myself before this series, but it just makes sense this way, it's a conceptual self-portrait, a reflection of my complex relationship with paint.
I'm very disciplined, but I need to be to develop my work. I've got my studio separate from my home so I can concentrate, I need to be alone while painting.
I don't like tags, I don't think you can choose a premeditated style, your style comes from the decisions you take through the years, I always felt a special interest for the image since I was a kid, i think the power of the image to evoke emotions and make people feel is unlimited.
I try to show my inner world in my work. My images are explicit but they talk of senses and the non physical. My ambition is to continue to dedicate my live to paint every day, it was my dream since i was a child - it's my passion.

16. The Spanish artist says he feels "liberated" when looking at his finished work, although said he has "a weird process of love and hate with my paintings" while he is making them.

Watch a video of Eloy explaining the process behind his art.