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21 Pictures Of A Creepy Abandoned Model Village In A Deep Dark Wood In Dudley

Model village enthusiast Tim Dunn rescued an abandoned village that was buried under 15 years' worth of undergrowth.

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It's been an obsession ever since I had a part-time job at the Bekonscot Model Village in Buckinghamshire as a child. It's a big small world; there's even a trade organisation called the International Association of Miniature Parks - there are dozens of model cities open to the public all over the world.

5. The site was due to be flattened, but before the bulldozer arrived Tim and his brother got permission to photograph the tiny buildings and rescue them from the undergrowth.

There are even model villages built in private gardens. Some are complete worlds of their own, with made-up languages and architectural styles for their inhabitants.

13. Other buildings in Hamley Model Village included: a windmill, a Butcher's shop with model pig heads, Ambridge Church, Ambridge Tudor House, cottages and a coal mine.


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