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    14 Moving Portraits Of Men Photographed Minutes After Becoming Fathers

    Photographer Dave Young captures moments of raw emotion as men wait in the corridors of a London hospital for their babies to enter the world. He also asked them to share some words of wisdom for their children to live by.

    1. "Changed my f***ing world" – Kennedy Culliford.

    Dave Young was present through the nights of 23 to 26 April 2014 at London's Chelsea and Westminster hospital documenting the reactions of new dads minutes after their partners gave birth.

    2. "Live fully, be yourself, love with all your heart."

    3. "Life is wonderful. Enjoy!" – Mike Riddell.

    4. "Love, family and words" – Edward Venning.

    5. "Love your dad" – Serdar Sokmen.

    The photos were commissioned for The Book of Dads, a special Father's Day charity edition of The Book of Everyone personalised books, of which half of sales proceeds of the book go towards supporting Borne, a UK premature birth charity.

    6. "Have fun" – Assaf Baciu.

    7. "Family is everything to me. You are the beat in my heart and the air in my lungs" – Aman Ahmad.

    The idea came about when we wanted to do something special to celebrate Father's Day. The Book of Everyone is a new start up run by three dads, one of whom has just had a baby and still has the look of wonder - or is it terror? - on his face.

    8. "Love family and life" – Reda Ali.

    We thought it'd be fun to celebrate that awe, worry and relief on the faces of new dads who have just witnessed the birth of their sons or daughters.

    9. "Try to live as stress free as possible. Be happy and make sure to surround yourself with people who love you. If ever in doubt the two of us will waiting at home for you" – Daniel Arques.

    10. "Be happy. I will always love you" – Az Mohamed.

    11. "No tattoos until you're 30 and always be nice to your mum!" – Louis McLennan.

    12. "I wish you all the best, you will have our love to step up and be a free person full of love!!!" – George Metallinos.

    13. "Life is what you make it" – Gamal Burton.

    14. "Treat people with kindness and respect as you would wish to be treated yourself" – Nicholas Barton.