21 Ingenious Business Card Designs

    These are inspired.

    1. For all your survival needs: dried meat card.

    2. In case you need to sit down: chair card.

    3. Bright idea: scholarship card.

    4. To get it all in perspective: picture frame card.

    5. For when you need to work it: fitness training card.

    6. Get creative: graphic designer popup card.

    7. Make it vanish: tattoo removal card.

    8. For your cosmetic surgery needs: busty card.

    9. Cheesy business: grater card.

    10. Mini music: vinyl card.

    11. Snip time: circumcision card.

    12. For Apple enthusiasts: iMac card.

    13. For when you're thirsty: bottle-opener card.

    14. Buy low, sell high: investment representative card.

    15. Flowery business: bouquet card.

    16. The future is shiny: laser engraved card.

    17. Practise your swing: Tennis card.

    18. Get snappy: photography card.

    19. Getting around in style: skateboard card.

    20. Sowing the seeds of success: grass card.

    21. Retro gaming: designer card.