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30 Emotional Photos Of People Watching The Presidential Debate

It was a night of heated debate watched by millions across the world.

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The first presidential debate between Republican candidate Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton took place on 26 September. Millions of Americans and others around the world tuned in as the pair went head to head on televisions in their homes, bars, universities, and campaign headquarters. Here are just a few photos recording the public's reaction to the heated debate.

1. West Hollywood, California

Robyn Beck / AFP / Getty Images

Hillary Clinton supporters react to a statement by Donald Trump at The Abbey, a bar and restaurant in West Hollywood, California.


16. Dallas, Texas

Laura Buckman / AFP / Getty Images

People take pictures of cardboard cutouts of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and US President Barack Obama at a Texas theatre.


24. Los Angeles, California

Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

Luis Perez, 35, (second left) and his 18-month-old daughter Gizelle, and Polo Morales, 39, (right) watch the presidential debate with US citizens and immigrants who cannot vote in Los Angeles, California.

28. Thornton, Colorado

Jason Connolly / AFP / Getty Images

Nanci Tuggle, a supporter of Donald Trump, watches the presidential debate at the Colorado Republican Party's Adams County Victory Office.

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