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    31 Beautiful Photos Of Cities That Never Sleep

    CBRE Urban Photographer of the Year are searching for the best city snapper of 2014. From Mecca to Marrakech, we look at the competition's top night-time photography.

    1. Delhi: 'Dark Corridor', 9pm, by Jean-Marc Gargantiel.

    2. Tehran: 'Lantern Seller', 9pm, by Borna Mirahmadian.

    3. Lille: 'Fog in the City', 9pm, by Francois Dorey.

    4. Shanghai: 'On Top of the Stars', 10pm, by Paul Reiffer.

    5. New York: 'Waiting for the Train', 10pm, by Tom Pepper.

    6. Marrakech: 'Burning Jemaa el Fina', 10pm, by Antoine Seignez.

    7. Hong Kong: 'Sketch Artist', 10pm, by Antonio Rojas Jr.

    8. New York: 'Times Square', 11pm, by Tom Pepper.

    9. London: 'The Winding Commute', 11pm, by Simon Dawson.

    10. Bydgoszcz: 'The Stoker', 11pm, by Pawel Demus.

    11. Valencia: 'Churros Seller, Fallas', 11pm, by Ian Monk.

    12. Zagreb: 'A Band in a Club', 12am, by Sasa Huzjak.

    13. Paris: 'The Louvre', 12am, by Philip Newell.

    14. Toronto: 'Midnight Munchies', 12am, by Josh Bergeron.

    15. Kowloon: 'The Construction Beast', 12am, by Tim Martin.

    16. Kyoto: 'When The Night Is Still', 1am, by Massimo Ferrero.

    17. Rome: 'Colosseum', 1am, by Sergio Martinez Gonzalez.

    18. Kolkata: 'Ganga Arati', 1am, by Partha Pratim Saha.

    19. New York: 'Crossings', 2am, by Nathaniel Gonzalez.

    20. Mecca : 'Kaaba', 2am, by Ala Hamdan.

    21. 'Melbourne', 2am, by Miguel De Freitas.

    22. Macau: 'Taxis', 2am, by Mario Pereda Berga.

    23. Dusseldorf: 'Flow', 3am, by Marius Vieth.

    24. 'Shanghai Highway', 3am, by Florian Delalee.

    25. 'Southampton Docks', 3am, by Simon Coates.

    26. Phnom Penh: 'Morning Chants', 4am, by Aliah Jan.

    27. London: 'Regency Curves', 4am, by Lucas More.

    28. Lisbon: 'Yellow Trams', 4am, by Joao Coutinho.

    29. Elazig: 'Smoke Work', 5am, by Mustafa Canbay.

    30. Madrid: 'Royal Palace', 5am, by Sergio Martinez Gonzalez.

    31. Chittagong: 'Dawn Time Workers', 5am, by Faisal Azim.