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A Daughter Documents Her Parents’ Heartwrenching Journey Through Cancer Treatment

In 2013, Nancy Borowick’s mum and dad underwent treatment for cancer at the same time. The photographer’s pictures document her parents' poignant and inspiring journey.

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The photographer set out to record the pain and challenges of her parents' shared experience of cancer treatment, while also focusing on their bravery in the face of mortality.

By photographing my parents, I have been able to document their story and capture their essence, remembering the good moments and the bad, as well as the silly moments and the sad. The project has become our shared history.
This story strengthened my belief in the notion that to tell a powerful and honest story, one must seek true intimacy and humility with the subject. Photographing my family and my life has been one of the most challenging experiences I've ever had. ... I constantly struggle with my ever-changing roles as photographer, daughter, and caretaker.
In my photography, I will look at how [my mother] continues to live day-to-day, highlighting her personal resilience and strength while also looking at her support network: her kids. My brother-in-law, Paul Flach from the UK, also lost his father to cancer. He is running the Berlin Marathon this September as part of the UK Institute for Cancer Research fundraising team.
My hope is that [my work] can continue to connect with others but also to inspire those experiencing illness, or their family and friends, and to remind them that in the face of death, one can truly experience what it means to live.

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