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    27 Things Everyone Who Went To Sheffield University Will Remember

    The city has seven hills, so it's basically Rome.

    1. Walking anywhere in Sheffield basically meant climbing.

    2. Which was tough because Conduit Hill is steeper than Mount Everest.

    3. Although you made plans to visit the Peak District, you never did.

    4. But if you did make it out to the Peaks, you would be told that The Dam Busters was filmed at Ladybower Reservoir.

    5. Every time you walked past Sheffield Hallam, you felt a bit smug.

    6. You heard stories of local hero Sean Bean visiting the Broomhill Friery but never actually saw him.

    7. You experienced every possible emotion in The Octagon.

    8. It snowed every January, froze every February, and then each hill became a deathtrap/bobsleigh track until March.

    9. You looked out for all the Sheffield place names referenced in Arctic Monkeys songs.

    10. You got pissed at Interval Bar, the only slightly classy drinking spot near the union.

    11. The Tuesday Club was the only union club night with a cult following.

    12. Pop Tarts on a Saturday night was simultaneously the most dreadful and euphorically brilliant thing about your time at university.

    13. You eventually realised that the Crucible theatre put on some seriously good plays, and not just the annual World Snooker Championship.

    14. You spent summers avoiding revision in Weston Park.

    15. The IC library became a home from home.

    16. Although finding a free computer in the IC during exam season was nigh-on impossible.

    17. Varsity Sports Week provoked even the most mild-mannered student into outbursts of collegiate pride.

    18. You probably sat exams at Hillsborough football stadium.

    19. Peace in the Park was simply brilliant.

    20. West Street on a Saturday night felt like a scene from a horror movie.

    21. You never had a reason to go inside the beautiful red brick buildings of Firth Court, despite it being featured in every prospectus picture.

    22. You've ridden all the way in the Arts Tower’s Paternoster revolving lift.

    23. You were met by angry looks from locals when you accidentally walked into the Star & Garter.

    24. You braved the Meadowhall shopping centre at least once.

    25. You rode the Supertram out to Valley Centertainment or Meadowhall, but never the other way.

    26. Whenever you mentioned Sheffield to an outsider, they grumbled something about The Full Monty.

    27. And while the rest of the world knows Sheffield for steel production, Nick Clegg, and the Arctic Monkeys, you know it as home to the best three years of your life.