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    "Spoiler Alert": A Queer Tearjerker That Hits All The Right Notes

    The new film starring Jim Parsons offers a refreshing look at love and loss in a queer relationship.

    Not Just Another Sad Queer Movie

    Movie poster for "Spoiler Alert"

    Spoiler Alert: You Will Cry, So Come Armed With Kleenex

    Michael (Jim Parons) and Kit (Ben Aldridge) in front of a Christmas tree in "Spoiler Alert"

    A Very 2000s Romance

    Michael (Jim Parsons) and Kit (Ben Aldridge) in "Spoiler Alert"

    Love, Laughter, and Life

    Ben Aldridge and Jim Parson in "Spoiler Alert"

    Parsons Breaks Through With a Bang

    Jim Parsons attends an event for "Spoiler Alert"

    A Stellar Supporting Cast

    Ben Aldridge, Jim Parsons, Sally Field, and Bill Irwin sit at the dinner table in "Spoiler Alert"

    Nobody, Queer or Straight, Is Immune From Heartbreak

    Kit (Ben Aldridge) and Michael (Jim Parons) in front of the ocean in a scene from "Spoiler Alert"