Charlie Siem Is Your New Favorite Violinist

Yes, please. This man is the foxiest English contemporary classical violinist you never knew existed.

1. He’s an extremely gifted and passionate musician.

At 15, he performed his first concerto with an orchestra, and then played with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at 18.

2. But also, look at him.

You’re welcome.

3. Not only is he talented and handsome, but he’s also English.

Skip to 4:28 to see him explain the gold nail polish on his left pinky. He’s just like, not real.

4. He attended Eton College, the same boarding school Princes William and Harry attended.

Given their close ages, it’s possible Charlie and William were at Eton together, and we all know what happens at those English all-boys’ schools. I know; I’ve seen The History Boys.

5. He is distantly related to Ole Bull, a Norwegian violinist and composer.

Which means those musical genes and all of that handsome will be passed down to your kids—or great-grandkids.

6. He plays the 1735 Guarneri del Gesu d’Egville violin, which was also played by Yehudi Menuhin, a legendary American violinist.

The Elderberry Foundation loans it to him. It was also once owned by the King of Prussia, which only adds to his kingliness.

7. He’s made it into the pages of Vogue.

You guys, I’m so into that bracelet. Also the rest of him, but the bracelet seems attainable, yeah?

8. He’s one of the few men who made it into Karl Lagerfeld’s recent photo project.


In Lagerfeld’s photobook, The Little Black Jacket: Chanel’s Classic Revisited, the classic piece looked like it was made for him.

9. He played for Lady Gaga at her Fashion Icon Award party in June 2011.

He’s playing Csárdás by Vittorio Monti, but I swear it kind of sounds like “Alejandro” at first.

10. He’s also a model (casual), and is probably best known for being the face of Dunhill in 2011.

Last year, GQ called him “dapper,” which I guess is GQ-speak for, “marry me.”

11. He has to have his suit jackets specially tailored so he’s not constrained when he’s playing the violin.

Also because of his rippling physique.

12. And he looks great in a tank top.

Werk those pink shorts.

13. In conclusion:

Sorry, what was I saying?

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