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18 Highs, Lows, And Plateaus In "Survivor" LGBTQ+ History

Come on in, gays!

1. Sonja, a lesbian, becomes the first player ever voted out. (Season 1 — Borneo)

Richard Hatch and Sonja Christopher sit on a bench together

2. Richard and Rudy form an unlikely bond. (Season 1 — Borneo)

Richard Hatch and Rudy Boesch stand at camp

3. Richard wins the first season as an openly gay man. (Season 1 — Borneo)

Jeff Probst holds a piece of paper that says "Rich"

4. Frank and Brandon go on a date. (Season 3 — Africa)

Brandon Quinton and Frank Garrison watch a movie together

5. Rob asks if John is gay. (Season 4 — Marquesas)

Rob Mariano asks John Carroll if he's gay

6. The first gay loved ones visit for a reward challenge. (Season 9 — Vanuatu)

Ami Cusack hugs her girlfriend

7. Todd becomes the second gay player to win. (Season 15 — China)

Amanda Kimmel, Todd Herzog, and Courtney Yates sit at the reunion

8. Spencer keeps his sexuality a secret. (Season 18 — Tocantins)

Spencer Duhm lays in a hammock

9. Corinne loves playing with gays. (Season 26 — Caramoan)

Corinne Kaplan and Michael Snow at Tribal Council

10. Brice shows how hard it is to be a minority on Survivor. (Season 28 — Cagayan)

Jefra Bland, Brice Izyah, Jeremiah Wood, and Morgan McLeod stand at a challenge

11. Boyfriends Josh and Reed play together. (Season 29 — San Juan del Sur)

Josh Canfield and Reed Kelly stand near the shelter together

12. Caleb and Tai form a bromance. (Season 32 — Kaoh Rong)

Caleb Reynolds and Tai Traing read a note together

13. Bret comes out to Zeke. (Season 33 — Millennials vs. Gen X)

Bret LaBelle sits with Zeke Smith at a reward

14. Varner outs Zeke at Tribal Council. (Season 34 — Game Changers)

Castaways sit at tribal council

15. Mike gives a tearful final tribal council speech about a rainbow. (Season 37 — David vs. Goliath)

Nick Wilson, Angelina Keeley, and Mike White sit at Tribal Council

16. Evvie becomes the first openly non-binary castaway. (Survivor 41)

Evvie Jagoda sits at a feast

17. Ricard addresses "Come on in, guys." (Survivor 41)

Jeff Probst and Ricard Foye stand at an immunity challenge

18. Hai empowers Romeo to embrace his sexuality. (Survivor 42)

Hai Giang and Romeo Escobar walk through the jungle

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