Every B-List Celebrity Who Has Ever Played "Survivor", Ranked

    C'mon in NBA stars, TV actors, and professional Super Smash Bros players

    A collage of Survivor contestants

    36. Katrina Radke

    Katrina Radke smiles on the beach

    35. Ronnie Bardah

    Ronnie Bardah stands in the jungle

    34. David Samson

    David Samson tries to chop a coconut

    33. Mari Takahashi

    Mari Takahashi smiles while building a shelter

    32. Nadiya Anderson

    Jeff Probst snuffing Nadiya's torch

    31. Jimmy Johnson

    Jimmy Johnson gives a pep talk to his tribe

    30. Ashley Massaro

    Ashley stands in the woods

    29. Garrett Adelstein

    Garrett stands in the jungle

    28. Alan Ball

    Alan Ball smiles at camp

    27. John Rocker

    John Rocker leans against a rock

    26. Julia Landauer

    Julia Landauer stands in the woods

    25. Tom Laidlaw

    Tom Laidlaw sits on some rocks

    24. Caleb Reynolds

    Caleb Reynolds sits shirtless

    23. Anna Khait

    Anna Khait tries to start a fire with a machete

    22. Cliff Robinson

    Cliff Robinson wrestles in the sand

    21. Dan Barry

    Dan Barry points next to Sally Schumann

    20. John Hennigan

    John Hennigan talks in camp

    19. Jean-Robert Ballande

    Jean-Robert swims in the water

    18. Jeff Kent

    Jeff Kent sits in the shelter

    17. Whitney Duncan

    Whitney looks up in the jungle

    16. Steve Wright

    Steve Wright holds a pole

    15. Elizabeth Beisel

    Elizabeth Beisel stands in the jungle

    14. Grant Mattos

    Grant Mattos crouches on the beach

    13. Ron Clark

    Ron Clark sits in a shelter

    12. Danny McCray

    Danny McCray sits in a shelter

    11. Scot Pollard

    Scot Pollard gets out of a boat

    10. Gary Hogeboom

    Garry Sits with his canteen

    9. Crystal Cox

    Crystal Cox votes for Randy

    8. Ken Hoang

    Ken stands outside his shelter

    7. Brad Culpepper

    Brad Culpepper sits between some rocks

    6. Jonathan Penner

    Jonathan Penner swims

    5. Hayden Moss

    Hayden Moss wearing a buff

    4. Lisa Whelchel

    A headshot of Lia Whelchel

    3. Mike White

    Mike White sits on the beach

    2. Taj Johnson-George

    Taj sits in her shelter

    1. Natalie Anderson

    Jeff Probst gives Natalie Anderson the immunity necklace

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