13 Animals That Were Unamused With The Liz And Dick Movie

These animals did not care for Lifetime’s “Liz and Dick” premiere, not even a little bit.

This Llama thought all the china breaking was unnecessary.

This hedgehog is not amused that they keep breaking the fourth wall

This kitten is not pleased that they switched LL for her twin sister that doesn’t act. Very unamused.

This ferret is unamused with all the hand talk going on…and his poor camera resolution.

Unamused that they bought a boat, when they were supposed to be broke. He wants a boat.

This dog is not pleased with their accents. tsk tsk.

Unamused zebra had to change the station he was so unamused.

Is unamused by Sex and the City Steve’s cameo.

This wet owl Is unamused that Liz and Dick are now apparently mimes.

This cat is unamused that you tweeted your approval of Liz and Dick.

This dog is unamused that you tricked him into watching it.

And this dog is just pissed.

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