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    11 Things The Liberty Movement Should Focus On In 2014 (Updated!)

    2013 was a "banner year" for libertarians, opined Jack Hunter recently. We stopped war with Syria and have driven public opposition to the NSA's domestic spying. Our work is far from over, but 2014 is shaping up to be a great year for the "liberty movement." These are in no particular order, mostly.

    1. Stop Overreaching Domestic Spying Programs.

    2. Decriminalization of Cannabis.

    3. Expansion of Marriage Equality. (Updated!)

    4. Electing More Pro-Liberty Politicians.

    5. Holding Those Politicians Accountable.

    6. Supporting Cryptocurrencies.

    7. Actually Ending the War in Iraq.

    8. Educating More People/Growing Our Movement

    9. Auditing the Federal Reserve.

    10. Expanding Economic Choice.

    11. Stop the Droning of Innocents.

    Honorable Mention.