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Some Are Calling For Bouncy-Castle Salespeople To Condemn ISIS

"Still waiting for that condemnation, bouncy castle community."

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The masked militant has evoked memories of Mohammed Emwazi, dubbed "Jihadi John", who appeared in a series of ISIS execution videos before being killed in a drone strike in Syria last November.

According to BBC News and other media outlets, the man in the new video is suspected to be Siddhartha Dhar, a Londoner who fled to Syria while on bail for alleged terrorism offences in 2014.

Dhar, also known as Abu Rumaysah, absconded after being arrested on suspicion of encouraging terrorism. Although officials have yet to confirm that it is Dhar in the ISIS video, his case was discussed in the House of Commons yesterday.

Before fleeing the UK, the father of four, an Arsenal fan who wanted to be a dentist, made his living by renting bouncy castles for children's birthday parties, a small detail that generated a lot of headlines, according to reports.

Private Eye featured the story on its first issue of 2016.

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So now, of course, some people are calling on members of the bouncy-castle–seller community the world over to apologise for the actions of ISIS...

*drums fingers on desk* still waiting for that condemnation, bouncy castle community...

...thus satirising the repeated calls for Muslims to apologise for and condemn atrocities committed by ISIS and other Islamist groups, such as the November Paris attacks and the Charlie Hebdo and kosher supermarket killings.

Others have demanded the bouncy-castle community unite in one voice of condemnation.

Still waiting for the Bouncy Castle Hire community to speak out and condemn these acts of barbarity. Their silence speaks volumes.

@manish_vij - I've always been suspicious of bouncy castle salesmen, no matter what their background...


Donald Trump calls for ban on all Bouncy Castle salesmen entering US #justsayin

Have you heard the collective apology from all bouncy castle salesmen? No, me neither.

The person behind the Abandoned Gloves Twitter account quoted above, who said they would prefer to remain anonymous, said it would be as equally ridiculous to demand would-be dentists and Arsenal fans apologise for the actions of ISIS.

"Obviously I find the call for every Muslim to condemn [ISIS] a bit tedious and ridiculous," they told BuzzFeed.

"[Equally ridiculous] is the '99.9% of Muslims are peaceful' narrative that's often wheeled that is kind of an admission that 0.1 % of Muslims aren't peaceful, which might be quite a lot of individuals if you 'do the math'."

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