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    Leonardo DiCaprio Hints There Were Times He Thought He Should Have Won An Oscar

    His latest film The Revenant leads the race at the Academy Awards with 12 nominations.

    Only a handful of actors have received more Oscar nominations without winning one than Leonardo DiCaprio.

    Leo has five acting nominations plus an additional nod as a producer, the most recent coming for Best Actor for The Revenant.

    Because of this past record, and for the fact his performance in The Revenant has been widely praised, he is very strongly being tipped to finally take home an Academy Award this year.

    As the film, which leads the way at the Oscars with 12 nominations in total, including one for Tom Hardy for Best Supporting Actor, is now in UK cinemas, DiCaprio gave an interview on BBC1's Andrew Marr Show in which he hinted there were times when he thought he should have actually won a damn Oscar.

    When asked whether he was refusing to get too excited over the Oscars buzz this year, Leo said: "Well, the truth of the matter is that I've been in situations before where I thought films or performances, either mine or others, should be either nominated, or films should be more adored by the public or critics should revere it more - it's beyond your control."

    He added: "You do your best work. Knowing that I did a movie that took this much of my life, that we devoted this much to as far as focus is concerned, we gave it everything we possibly could, to sit here and be looking at that many nominations for this film, not only feels good but feels like, you know, people have a yearning to see a different type of film, this is an epic art film, it really is."

    Maybe Leo, maybe, this is your year...

    Or maybe...