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23 Reasons Raccoons Are Actually The Worst

They may look cute, but they're sneaky little creatures.

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1. Raccoons are creepy.

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2. They instill instant fear in most people.

3. Sure, they may be cute when they're young, but don't let that fool you.

4. They may even seem innocent.

5. With playful tendencies.

6. And even act human-like at times.

7. Don't let their playful antics fool you.

8. Some people fall for their traps.

9. They let them sit at their dinner tables.

10. And snuggle in bed.

11. But the raccoons quickly become touchy and close.

12. They have no boundaries.

13. They become overly obsessive.

14. And very needy.

15. Stopping at nothing to get what they want.

16. They begin stealing.

17. At first you barely notice.

18. But slowly your food and belongings disappear.


20. WTF?!

21. Think twice about opening your refrigerator...

22. There's usually more than one.

23. So run while you can.

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