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38 Problems Only People From Hawaii Will Understand

Just because it's paradise doesn't mean every day is a walk on the beach!

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5. Giving/getting directions is always an adventure.

"OK, you wanna go mauka, and when you get to the third mango tree make a left, you’ll see one waterfall on your right hand side, just keep going. When you get to the menehune at the U-turn, he’ll ask you three questions…”


15. It can be off the air everywhere else, but here every week is "Shark Week."

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29. You've gotten into serious debates over which Zippy's is the best Zippy's.

Foolproof BFF test: If they don't know your Zippy's order by heart, then they are NOT your BFF. No exceptions!

And let's not forget the classics like, "Do you still live in grass shacks?" and "What about electricity?"

FUN FACT: ʻIolani Palace had electricity and telephones before the White House did!

Also, yes, you can use U.S. currency here, and no, you don't need your U.S. passport and power adaptors when you visit.

And for the last time...

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