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    Posted on Nov 19, 2014

    19 Struggles All Parents Face In Brighton

    For those times when only panic-eating Pom Bears and weeping will do.

    1. Trying to stop your toddler eating the pebbles on Brighton beach.

    Matt Chittock / BuzzFeed

    You'd think ice cream would be tastier. You'd be wrong.

    2. Spending two hours at Westow’s and finally understanding how the Apocalypse Now guy felt.

    Apocalypse Now / Via

    3. Wanting to do this to those hippy parents that let their kids run amok in Brighton library.

    Incredible Hulk / Via

    4. But remembering that acceptance is the whole point of living in Brighton.

    Simpsons / Via

    5. And instead inwardly cheering when your kid trips one of the little brats up.

    Stanley Cup / Via

    6. Trying to keep babies out of the dope fumes during summer festival season.

    7. Realising that there are 25 million kids in the city, and roughly three schools.

    Why the hell wasn't I raised a Catholic?

    8. Being far more enthusiastic about the Children’s Parade than your actual children are.

    9. Trying to explain the finer points of gay pride to a three-year-old.

    Flickr: restlessglobetrotter

    “Daddy – why can I see that man’s bum?”

    10. Enduring the daily fight for the much-coveted red swing down Stoneham Park.

    Flickr: 128851519@N08 / Creative Commons

    11. Spending a morning being dragged up and down the stairs at Brighton library… again.

    Groundhog Day / Via

    12. Followed by an afternoon repeating the process over in Hove library.

    Flickr: 128851519@N08 / Creative Commons

    13. Realising that all the best-dressed MILFs and DILFs live in Hove.

    David Beckham / Via

    14. Feeling intensely embarrassed when you forget the words to "Wheels On The Bus” at Baby Boogie.

    Warner Brothers / Via

    15. Riding a poonami in the toilets at Churchill Square.

    16. Pretending you make healthy family dinners from that organic veg box you have delivered, but secretly shopping at Aldi.

    17. Coming to the realisation that your kids won’t be able to afford to live here.

    Sandlot / Via

    18. Because hey, even you can barely manage it these days.

    19. Knowing that after a childhood spent in Brighton, the rest of your kids' lives may be a bit, well, dull.

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