Did CNN's Roland S. Martin Advocate Violence Against Gay Men?

    CNN commentator Roland S. Martin raised eyebrows on Sunday when he seemingly advocated violence against gay men in a series of tweets. Martin has since denied that the tweets were homophobic, but a quick look back on his Twitter timeline reveals a history of questionable statements.

    Upon viewing H&M's David Beckham Bodywear Super Bowl commercial on Sunday, Martin sent out the following two tweets:

    Upon being challenged by others on his statements, Martin got defensive, eventually claiming that the Beckham tweets weren't anti-gay, but anti-soccer:

    Not only does Martin's explanation not make sense--he's not ripping on soccer, he's saying that men who are "hyped" about Beckham's underwear ad are not "real bruhs" and should be "smacked"--but a quick look back on his Twitter timeline reveals at least four other questionable tweets:

    Something tells me Martin won't have such an easy time explaining those ones away. Then again, maybe I'm just defective. Which reminds me, I'm overdue for my next dose of testosterone pills!