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The REAL Best Thing About The New iPhone

You can clone yourself! Or your friends. Introducing the Human Panoramapede.

One of the new iPhone software features is the panorama mode:

You can use it to take nice, wide photos like these, which is kinda cool. Nothing crazy, pano apps have been around for years.

But you can also create some interesting, subtle distortions, like this:

Or this (ghost feet!):

You can also make some not-so-subtle, but still cool, distortions like this:

Or this:

Or this:

Or this:

But the COOLEST trick by far is something we like to call the...

Here's how to do it. Get at least three people — no more than five.

Line them up, and start taking the panorama by walking very slowly sideways:

When people leave the frame, have them run around your back and join the other side of the line.

Keep going until the panorama is complete. You'll end up with something like this:

Or this, a Human Panoramapede:

Anyway, it's easy. With an iPhone 4S or 5 and a few friends you can knock one of these out in a minute flat. And there's still a lot of room to try new stuff — we've only done a few. Post yours in the comments!