The iPad HD Cometh: 17 Alternative Definitions of HD

Tomorrow, Apple is probably announcing a new iPad with a crazy 2048 x 1536 display that it might call the iPad HD, not the iPad 3. But HD is possibly the most meaningless term in technology.

That’s because it probably has the most meanings—sure you’ve heard of an HDTV, but what about an HD glove? (It exists.) Some alternative definitions below.

1. Basically any HDTV today

What HD means: a 1280×720 (720p) or 1920×1080 (1080p) display

2. Apple Cinema Display HD

What HD Means: a 23-inch, 1920×1200 display

3. Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket HD

What HD means: a 4.65-inch, 1280 × 720 HD Super AMOLED display

4. HTC Touch HD

What HD means: a 3.8-inch, 800×480 LCD display

5. Samsung Instinct HD

What HD means: a 3.2-inch, 320×480 LCD Display

6. iRiver story HD

What HD means: a 7-inch, 1024×768, grayscale E-ink display

7. Zune HD

What HD means: a 3.3-inch, 480 × 272 display. Also, HD Radio. And sadness.

8. HD Radio

What HD means: hybrid digital (what?)

9. Beats by Dre Solo HD

What HD means: “high definition sound*”
*this literally doesn’t mean anything. They come with a 4.3-foot cable, so maybe it has something to do with that?

10. Intel HD graphics

What HD means: Your computer’s graphics card sucks.

11. Michael Jackson the Experience HD

What HD means: the King of Pop lives again, on your non-iPad-HD iPad

12. Blackhawk Men’s S.O.L.A.G. HD Glove with Kevlar

What HD means: “a heavy-duty design ideal for tactical operations” aka assassinating terrorists

13. HD Vision Sunglasses, Ultra

What HD means: slightly brown, a little dark.

14. Swiffer HD Clean

What HD means: “three times cleaner than a traditional broom”

15. Clarins High Definition Body Lift

What HD means: “minimiz[es] the appearance of cellulite”

16. HD1

What HD means: hot dog, as in a hot dog restaurant by Top Chef winner Richard Blais.

17. Timberline HD Shingles

What HD means: ” ‘High Definition’ color blends and enhanced shadow effect for a genuine wood-shake look”

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