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What To Expect When Encountering Your Susan Glenn

With some girls, you just have no idea what to do or say around them—they're just entirely too cute and disarming. I don't know about you, but I've definitely experienced most of these scenarios when I've been around my Susan Glenn.

Spot The "Dream Girl" In Your Favorite Movies And TV Shows

Not only do we have to dream about the IRL girl next door every day, but there's plenty on the screen who are only making it worse. Use this guide to help save you some time and identify which girl in these movies and TV shows is going to be the girl—your Susan Glenn. A Susan Glenn might've been the girl who lived next door or down the street, maybe who you were—or are—friends with but have never had the guts to tell her how you truly feel.

Dudes Failing To Get Their Susan Glenn In 11 Gifs

If you've ever been into a girl—especially the girl—you know that all you want to do is impress her. Here are some examples of dudes attempting to do just that, and completely failing. You've got to be much smoother if you're going to go after your Susan Glenn.

The 12 Best Examples Of The "Girl Next Door" Meme

I've found myself relating to this meme much more than many of the other ones. I mean, we all grew up with a girl next door, but these are the kinda things that happen to you when she's really the girl next door....

20 Girls You Wish Lived Next Door

You always remember your first crush. Even when you could only find them on the big screen.