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    Freddie Stroma Is Officially The Hottest Former Quidditch Player Of All Time

    He can catch whatever golden snitch he wants, if you know what I mean.

    This is Freddie Stroma.

    You might recognize him as Cormac McLaggen...

    The pretty boy who totally creeped on Hermione in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

    Yep, the Quidditch guy.

    And even though he never actually had a chance with Hermione...

    He still grew up to be officially the hottest former Quidditch player of all time.

    Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images

    He played Luke, the British DJ babe in Pitch Perfect.

    Yep, the one with the abs.


    But also he's just generally beautiful and perfect.

    John Shearer / Getty Images

    He smiles.

    He wears kilts.

    Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images


    He wears small white V-necks that can barely contain his Quaffle-blocking arms.

    He has beautiful, wispy hair, made perfect by the winds of the Quidditch field, no doubt.

    Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

    And, um, he has a degree in NEUROSCIENCE from University College of London.


    Oh, and also...

    Photo by Mitchell Nguyen McCormack / Via

    Are you ready for this...

    Photo by Mitchell Nguyen McCormack / Via

    He models underwear.

    Pretty sure no other former Quidditch player models underwear.

    Definitely not Harry Potter.

    At least not like this.

    He also models other things like this... shirt, I guess.

    And, of course, he looks very good in a suit, as all former Quidditch players should.

    Tim Whitby / Getty Images

    He can rock an adorable lil bowtie.

    Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

    And no tie.

    Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images

    Basically his face is magic.

    Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images

    And his jaw line is magic.

    Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images

    And his adorable little smile is magic.

    Jason Kempin / Getty Images

    And this smirk.

    And these eyes.

    And no other former Quidditch player is even on the same level.

    Brad Barket / Getty Images

    So thank you, Freddie, for being the hottest man ever to grace a flying broomstick.

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