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Posted on Dec 7, 2012

40 Ways Beyoncé Ran The World In 2012

Oh, you thought this wasn't Beyoncé's year? WRONG. Every year is Beyoncé's year.

First of all, Beyoncé is Beyoncé, which means she wins every year by default.

But she won 2012 ESPECIALLY because...

1. She gave the world an heir.

2. She touched fire.

3. She became the most beautiful person on the planet.

4. And also a superhero.

5. She performed in space.

Handout / Reuters

(actually on the floor of the United Nations, but basically space)

6. She singlehandedly elected the president of the United States...

7. (basically.)

Also she made him laugh.

8. She literally ruled the world.


9. She met the head of the UN wearing earrings the size of small member nations.

10. She announced she would headline a concert in the middle of the 2013 Superbowl.

11. She took over Tumblr.

12. And Twitter.

13. And everything else.

14. She played pinball like a diva.

15. And went bike riding like a diva.

16. And snorkeling like a diva.

17. Basically did everything like a diva.

Larry Busacca / Getty Images

18. She took over Instagram.

19. And made everything flawless.

20. She made a gay man's dreams come true.

21. She went to the beach.

22. And blessed the sand with her body.

23. She made this bunny look happen.

24. And this full on boob look.

25. She blessed wildlife in Texas.

26. And posed with Champagne.

27. And with nature.

28. And with culture.

29. But most importantly, she just did Beyoncé.

30. She diva'd.

31. She blessed the world with her very existence.

32. She glistened.

Phil Mccarten / Reuters

33. She glowed.

34. She perspired blesséd diva sweat.

35. She asserted her dominance over lesser beings.

36. She was Beyoncé.

37. Fine.

38. Fresh.

39. Fierce.

40. Beyoncé.

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