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    24 Very Compelling Reasons You Should Keep Watching "True Blood"

    I, mean. Why not?

    1. The plot.

    2. The character development.

    3. The engaging storyline.

    4. The scenery.

    5. The violence and stuff.

    6. The plot again.

    7. The part where there are characters.

    8. The dialogue.

    9. The acting.

    10. The intricate plot devices.

    11. The part where they are vampires.

    12. The script.

    13. The part where they talk about their emotions.

    14. Sookie.

    15. The plot for a third time.

    16. The accents.

    17. The makeup.

    18. The drama.

    19. The tense emotional relationships.

    20. The acting again.

    21. The camera work.

    22. The robust plot development.

    23. I mean, pretty much just watch for the plot, I guess.

    24. And obviously nothing else.