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Seasonal Reminder That Tom Daley Exists And Is Perfect

It's been a while, so let's just revisit the basic facts.

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Perhaps you, like Tom Daley, are a busy person. Perhaps you have things going on. Perhaps, in the course of the last three months, you've gotten distracted by life and forgotten that Tom Daley exists.

China Stringer Network / Reuters

Well this is a much-needed, very important, extremely vital reality check for everyone suffering from this very concerning lapse in memory: TOM DALEY STILL EXISTS AND HE IS PERFECT.

Quinn Rooney / Getty Images

In fact, he is quite arguably more perfect than ever, and his various skills have only multiplied since last we visited them.

Clive Rose / Getty Images

His many abilities now include casually standing around in a speedo while wrapping tape around his big thumb.

Stuffing random objects into his beautiful gaping mouth.

Sassily walking into a room with an empty bottle of water and sunglasses and looking like he's about to slap someone in the face.

Lintao Zhang / Getty Images

Maintaining perfection while suspended in midair.

Quinn Rooney / Getty Images

Making a stank face while wiping his glorious hair.

Quinn Rooney / Getty Images

Jumping gloriously off of tall surfaces and plummeting into water.

Quinn Rooney / Getty Images

Giving birth to a beautiful imaginary child in midair and nurturing it in a loving environment, full of love and care.

Quinn Rooney / Getty Images

Getting caressed in the face by someone who is not me but should be me.

Clive Rose / Getty Images


I'm sure she's a nice lady. But last time I checked, she is not me.

I'm sure she's a nice lady. But last time I checked, she is not me.

Basically, since last we saw Tom Daley, his midair flips have grown in gloriousness by at least 300 to 500 percent.

Clive Rose / Getty Images

Also whatever is happening here happened, so I'm just pointing that out.

Also this.


He's also become particularly skilled at filming himself while dancing around his bedroom in his underwear.

And while shirtlessly doing his hair in the morning.

So. To reiterate. This is your reminder that Tom Daley exists.

And he is perfect.

He also that he has a new calendar to help you remember that he exists and is perfect every single month.

And everything he does is scream-worthy.

And I love him.

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