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The 29 Weirdest Things Ever To Happen When Playing The Sims

Nothing good comes from playing God. NOTHING.

1. When you tried to make a cat, but this happened.

2. When you wanted to bring home a nice friendly pet, but got stampeded by a herd of dogs instead.

3. Whenever your Sim dropped his baby in a water tank.

4. When your Sim failed to cook a delicious pie and screamed in rage.

5. When your Sim's breasts dramatically resized.

6. When your Sim became too fabulous to function.

7. Whenever your Sims WooHoo'd and the butler came in and jeered them.

8. When your Sim was just a bad parent.

9. When your Sim did stupid stuff like hold a puppy like this.

10. When your Sim had a name like this.

11. When your Sim's clothes suddenly became something awful like this.

12. Or this.

13. When you realized you accidentally created a pedophile.

14. Whenever your Sim freaked out like this.

15. Whenever your Sim decided to become a sass monster.

16. Whenever everything burst into flames and one of the Sims really enjoyed it.

17. Whenever your Sim tried to take a shower but became a wondrous purple centaur instead.

18. Whenever you and your Sim had the same dreams.

19. Whenever your Sim started saluting in lingerie instead of holding her baby.

20. Whenever your mom Sim came out and embarrassed your daughter Sim while she was talking to a cute boy.

21. Whenever your Sim decided to do something stupid like get into a bathtub with a bowl of salad.

22. Or have daydreams about nachos.

23. When you tried creating a cat, but this happened instead.

24. Whenever your Sim was literally too lazy to function.

25. Or too preoccupied with fun to address emergencies.

26. Whenever you created an accidentally terrifying beast like this.

27. Or a terrifyingly accurate beast like this.

28. Or this.

29. And whenever your Sim died a terribly wonderful death.

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