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The 40 Most WTF Animal Pics Of 2013

Animals are so weird.

1. This tiny dog patiently preparing to feast upon his carrot plunder.

2. This dog roaming the neighborhood sidewalks in impeccable style.

3. This very angry chicken in sandals.

4. This corgi who might be addicted to harmful foods and his very concerned friend.

5. Whatever this is.

6. This horse in a onesie.

7. This dog who might also be Harry Styles.

8. Whatever this is.

9. This dog who's been chosen by the thug life.

10. This squirrel being born again through this manhole cover.

11. Whatever is happening here.

12. This cat who apparently thinks this is the most comfortable way to enjoy an open-eyed nap.

13. This monster.

14. This dog that is slowly morphing into this couch.

15. These stylin' Mardi Gras dogs.

16. This deer accepting a very friendly handshake.

17. Whatever this is.

18. This pair of steamy seductresses.

19. Whatever this sock monster is.

20. This shocked grandma who missed her stop.

21. This nerd guinea pig.

22. This monster.

23. Whatever is happening here.

24. This pair of relaxing guinea pigs enjoying a refreshing summer cocktail.

25. This prison escapee.

26. This very angry turtle on a tricycle.

27. This possum on the back of a deer for some reason.

28. Whatever this is.

29. This deer desperately reaching for a taste of chocolatey goodness.

30. These real-life dogs at a poker table.

31. This monster.

32. This pony who found himself in this terrible bucket situation.

33. These two.

34. This emu named Spazzie McGee.

35. This swaddled cat in a stroller.

36. This majestic beach ball pug.

37. This giraffe enveloping this child in its juicy mouth.

38. Whatever is happening here.

39. Whatever this is.

40. And this baked potato.