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    The Most Annoying Types Of Couples

    This week on "Whine About It," a short video series where BuzzFeed writer Matt Bellassai gets drunk at work and complains. (Presented by BuzzFeed BFF.)

    If you've missed the the first handful of episodes, "Whine About It" is a short video series in which I, BuzzFeed writer and notorious work drunk Matt Bellassai, drink a bottle of wine at my desk and complain about a buncha dumb stuff.

    On this week's episode: the most annoying types of couples.

    Like couples that refer to themselves as a single "we."

    Or couples that SHARE FACEBOOK PAGES.

    And any couple that talks to one another in whiny baby voices.

    You can find new episodes of "Whine About It" every Wednesday on the BuzzFeed Matt Facebook page and Whine About It on Tumblr.