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The 33 Greatest Moments From The Only Super Bowl Halftime Show That Really Matters

Sorry, Bruno Mars, but y'all remember Beyoncé?

Sure, this is a new year and a new Super Bowl. But do you remember the fierce glory that was Beyoncé at the 47th Super Bowl? Let us relive:

1. When Beyoncé rose from the stage and a single ray of heavenly grace fell upon her flawless frame.

2. When the stage literally burst into flames in the shape of Beysus herself.

3. And she began diva stomping her way along the greatest runway to ever exist.

4. When the lights finally fell upon her fierce face.

5. And her hair lit up with the light of a thousand snatched weaves.

6. And then, with the single slap of her thighs, she brought that stage to LIFE.

7. Every single time she grabbed her heavenly mane of hair.

8. When she fell upon her knees and screamed with the ferocity unmatched in the diva queendom.

9. When she glowed from within with every step.

10. When she shook with the entire stage with the sheer strength of her heel stomp.

11. This glorious duck face.

12. The unparalleled strength of this mid-hair flip diva scream.

13. When she shook the very foundations of the earth with this head snap.

14. Literally every flawless hip shake.

15. And every back arch.

16. When she led the fiercest squat game ever to happen in the middle of a football field.

17. And then brought out this flawless solo dance move.

18. This life-changing over-the-head heel kick.

19. This literally perfect over-the-shoulder full-weave flip.

20. And the single moment she reminded us all that nobody but Jay put a ring on it.

21. When Beyoncé allowed Destiny's Child to reunite.

22. And they shimmied the greatest Destiny's Child shimmy the Super Bowl stage had ever seen.

23. When Beyoncé lit Kelly and Michelle on fire.

24. And then slapped them away.

25. When Beyoncé officially morphed into a multi-armed goddess.

26. And winded her waist...

27. And multiplied before our very eyes.

28. When she graced the commoners with her knees.

29. And screamed a declaration of her diva power.

30. When she gave us one last fierce gaze.

31. And one final diva smooch.

32. And when she officially realized she literally shut the Super Bowl down.

33. And finally, when she described it all like this.

God bless the greatest Super Bowl performance of all time.

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